“Be the Miracle”
A special gift offered to you by Antoinette Layoun

The NeuroJoy® method will allow you to set intentions inspired by your Highest Self and to activate the SHIFT !

Did you know that 2020 will be a year unlike any other we have seen?!
A major shift will begin in each of our lives and in humanity as a whole.

Do you want to leave behind the neglect of self and emerge with your most authentic and developed SELF?

2020… This is the beginning of an entirely new reality for you!

Listen to the meditation below:

Be the miracle in your own life!


The Essence of Yoga …. “Shift”

Slow down, wake up and vibrate!

The ancient wisdom traditions teach us that the key to a healthy and fulfilling life lies in  containing our spirit; which connects us to our inner wisdom, opens our hearts, brings us peace and helps us to have a vision of life that inspires the beauty and wonder of being alive.

These same old traditions also tell us that the spirit can be veiled by  our limiting perceptions and beliefs, which unconsciously lead us to pursue the illusion of happiness. How are we affected by all this today when we live in a society that emulates speed and getting things done immediately? In fact, the cult of speeding up the self could also lead to “losing our SELF”

So how do we find clarity in the midst of chaos?  Must we withdraw from the world, enter a convent or an ashram to centre ourselves and find ourselves? Is it possible to create a balance between our inner and outer worlds? How do we find the path to ourselves?


The doorway is the body … Stop and breathe!

In the depth of yogic philosophy, we find that having an awareness of the body and  the breath leads us to enter an unlimited dimension to which we all have access through the breath. Pranashakti is the primordial cosmic energy that regulates all physical functions.

Pranashakti is one of the three forms of shakti that alters the body, the spirit and the soul. Chitta Shakti controls the mind, while Atma Shakti is associated with the soul. Pranashakti “prana” is the energy of vital power, and “shakti” is associated with feminine or creative energy.

Accessing this vital energy requires us to slow down and to breathe, turning our attention toward the “interior” of our body,  to dwell in an interoceptive awareness.

Interoception is the capacity to be aware of the sensations in our body. It moves us to pay attention to our physiological state of being. In other words, it leads us to be present to our body and to “dwell in our body” through the breath and sensations while we are in motion. So instead of being concerned with the outside world, when you focus your attention on your “inner dwelling”, you have access to a whole world of manifestation and richness – body and spirit.


Transform yourself…contemplate and wake up!

Research has shown that the practice of interoceptive awareness awakens different cortical regions in the brain: the somatosensory cortex, the anterior cingulate, the frontal lobe, the insular cortex. That which inclines us  to develop the capacity to feel internal states is interacting with cognition and emotions. Thus, a higher level of interoception predicts the strongest emotions – an important condition for being able to change behavior. 

Taking the time, listening to oneself and contemplating one’s inner world while in motion, is dwelling in awakened awareness and cultivating the fertile ground for creating a life of wonder.

This practice, centered on the breath, increases Pranashakti energy in the central canal. Dwelling in the breath and the sensations of the body directs one’s spirit to vibrate with one’s soul. Being nourished by this vital energy manifests itself in vigor, endurance, determination, power and balance.

In this presence we can act with an awareness of how our body and our spirit functions, and we can even change our lives… everything is possible!

Jeanne Lieberman (1891–1987)  is an inspiring example of someone who walked off the beaten path! She demonstrated how containing the spirit is the key to creating our reality.

We are nothing other than what we think we are. Suffice it then that we change our spiritual state of being in order to transform our life.”

This woman started training her body-spirit with yoga at the age of 40.  At 58 years of age she began Judo and got her first Dan at 63, then her first Aikido Dan, and finally started Kung-fu at 75 obtaining her first Dan at the age of 80. She taught this art of changing one’s spiritual state of being and one’s body, mostly to women between the ages of 40 and older than 80. She was the manifestation of Pranashakti, an example of the power of life and eternal youth up until her last breath!


Plug-in and “shift”

Today give yourself the gift of love… Stop, breathe and contemplate your breath! Let go of your smart technologies, emails and social media… Plug into your “Inner net” by connecting to your body… Slow down, wake up, dwell in the miracle of life and who resides in you!

Neurojoy Meditation : interoceptive awareness and Pranashakti

Sitting or lying down :

  • Sitting or lying down :
    • Put your right hand on your stomach and your left hand on your breast or your heart. Simply observe how your breath moves in your body, breathing in, and breathing out, in a wavelike movement.


    • When you are in a state of sensing your body and the movement of your breath, relax your hands.


    • Dwell in the presence of breathing in and breathing out, again, more deeply. Follow the path of your breath contemplating its movement.


    • Your breath and its movement are the sense of everything you feel and live in this moment…rest in admiration of this moment and contemplate the breath, the life energy that you are receiving (everything as you contemplate a setting sun or the face of a baby, etc.)


    • The breath expands, you feel it in your body, you become the breath.


    • Observing the magic of this life within you, see that you are a miracle of life… Be immersed in this moment, the life within you!


    • Be immersed, you Are LIFE!


    • Dwell in gratitude of this moment, who you are.


    • Dwell in the certainty that you are loved, that you are blessed.


    • Nourish yourself… And feel the power of life entering into all your cells.


    • Come back gently and stretch your body.

With time and the mastery of daily training (for example five minutes three times a day), you will realize that you can dwell in this presence in all aspects of your life, even in those daily tasks, be they washing the dishes, folding the laundry, filling out a report, or walking, etc.

Be the manifestation of Pranashakti through the practice of interoceptive awareness. This training makes you receptive to developing the capacity of sensing within yourself how to change your behaviour —  “the shift”.

Be the miracle in your own life!






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