Antoinette Layoun’s
FREE guide and meditation to bring back LOVE and JOY in your life

Be the MIRACLE, let your LIGHT shine and emerge with your most authentic SELF

You are AWESOME! I am honored to share my gifts with you!

You have taken a step to reconnect with the magic of your authentic self!
Being YOU is the greatest gift to honor your existence and share with others and the world.

Thank you for taking that step with me, let’s start now.
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Live, Love & Celebrate!

The guide

The NeuroJoy® method will allow you to set intentions inspired by your Highest Self and activate the SHIFT !

A major shift is happening in each of our lives and in humanity as a whole.

This guide will help you leave behind the neglect of self and emerge with your most authentic and developed SELF!

The meditation

Today is the beginning of an entirely new reality for you!

The following meditation is a daily tool to reconnect you to your inner wisdom, open your heart, bring peace and help you have a vision of life that inspires beauty and wonder of being alive. 

Listen or download the meditation below.

main sur le coeur

Antoinette Layoun
From a child soldier to an ambassador of peace 

Antoinette has travelled an out of the ordinary life path. At the age of 12, she was a child soldier in a civil war !

For a long time, she sought to understand wars, inner conflict and human functioning. This is what guided her in her quest for healing and for peace.

Today, a specialized therapist with university training in psychology, a Masters in quantum science activism, a certified trainer from the Heartmath® institute, as well as various other related professional trainings, Antoinette practices transformational NeuroJoy® coaching/therapy with individuals, couples and groups, and has done so for over 20 years.

She is the author of the best-seller “Les dix clés de l’Amour” (The Ten Keys of Love), as well as many other written works including “The relationship with the ideal partner” and “Create your Life, Manifest your Dreams.” She was a columnist for various publications such as the magazine ‘Mieux-Etre’ (Well-Being), the magazine ‘Vivre’ (Live) and for a weekly local newspaper.

A Master in Yoga (Yogacharya), she has developed and teaches Yoga Chi and Meditation as well as therapeutic movement through the body.

She is also known as Swami Shantiananda. The title of Swami is an honorary title attributed to spiritual masters and teachers, Shantiananda means: Peace and Felicity. The name was given to her for her devotion to the radiation of Yoga for the good of humanity.

Very involved at a social level, Antoinette received the title of Peace Ambassador by the Francophone Federation of Yoga. She was an honored guest at international events for peace (Portugal and India), as well as being named a Public Peace Prize Laureate. She also received the “TARA AWARDS” in Thailand referring to serving in Bouddha path and participating in the world.

She participated in many programs touching on public affairs such as: Puisqu’il faut se lever with Paul Arcand at 98.5 FM and TVA news with host Jean-Luc Montgrain and also with Marcia Pilote.

Founder of Universcité Antoinette Layoun, she developed a unique global approach uniting the Soul, the body and Spirit, bridging psychology, science and spirituality with the NeuroJoy® method and Communication C.O.E.U.R.®

As a seasoned lecturer and trainer, she leads many courses and workshops and also accompanies groups on unique ‘Discovery and Well-Being Voyages’ around the world, and has done so for many years.

To contact Antoinette, to find out about her activities or trips, or to send her an invitation:
1 450 473-7848

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